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StackOS is a cross-chain open protocol, connecting developers with decentralized compute power through a no-code, UI-based application deployment engine.

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An intuitive UI that supports Docker images and helps deploy applications at the click of a button - without the need for CLI or environment setup.

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Open Protocol

Enjoy the flexibility of an open source protocol that can enable you to deploy any application under the sun (including back-end, front-end,  and blockchain nodes).

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Decentralized Cloud

Providing you with an everlasting trustless, secure and anonymous deployment engine provided by cluster operators around the world.

👋🏻Say goodbye to time-wasting, costly set-ups and ongoing maintenance

Built for Agility / Agile from the inside out

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In-built CI/CD platform

Supporting Docker Images

Providing a complete Continuous Integration and Continous Deployment (CI/CD) suite tailored to your needs

Enjoy the ability to use all existing and publicly available docker images for an easy deployment process.

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Managed infrastructure

StackOS natively provides managed DevOps experience to offload the management of the compute infrastructure

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Private Testnet

Test your dApps privately on your own private testnet of Ethereum, BSC, NEO, and other popular blockchains

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You can deploy any application under the sun on the StackOS protocol using BSC and ETH chains.

Multiple deployment options

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Or any other application under the sun

The StackOS

StackOS is designed to be community-based at its core and the protocol will be governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

From cluster operators to token holders and all the way to developers - anybody can participate, contribute to the ecosystem and benefit from it.

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Enjoy easy deployment on a decentralized, anonymous and secure cloud. Deploy for yourself or add applications to StackOS' App store, and earn from its adoption.

Create NFTs for licensed applications.

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Token holders

Trade, provide liquidity or participate in yield generating programs as a node authority, developer and/or cluster operator. In the future - participate in StackOS' DAO program.

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Governance Participants

Stake a minimum amount of tokens to get extra voting power to govern the StackOS decentralized cloud, and earn rewards and commissions for supporting the community.

Coming Soon
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Cluster Operators

In the future, community members will be able to set up clusters and nodes on the StackOS' cloud and receive payments in STACK tokens when resources are consumed by the applications deployed on StackOS

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No sign-up required

Completely anonymous

No set-up costs

No infrastructure
maintenance costs

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