An economical opportunity to contribute

Cluster Operators

StackOS enables individuals and teams to run business that offer their DevOps services to StackOS' decentralized cloud and earn as resources get consumed by the applications running on it.

As clusters are at the core of the StackOS infrastructure, the first cluster owners are hand-picked trusted parties who maintain a cluster of nodes.

As the eco-system and requirements grow, we will allow more and more cluster owners to participate and benefit from contributing their compute power to the cloud

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This is how it works:


You provision compute


You create an account on cloud providers or procure your compute hardware to run clusters and nodes.


You start a cluster

You use StackOS' automation scripts to start a cluster, and set up the fee structure for the type of nodes you offer.

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You add nodes:

You add a minimum of three nodes to your cluster, and then scale them as the applications run on your cluster increases.

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You Start Earning

The height of rewards for the cluster increases based on the number of applications running on your cluster.

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It's a Win-Win-Win

Sharing is caring but in this case it's also very rewarding. Adding a

cluster is beneficial to the entire StackOS ecosystem, including you as

a cluster owner:

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Earning Commissions
and Rewards

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Scaling the

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Supporting the

Let's start earning

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Your questions answered

Who could start a cluster?

In the first phase, all cluster owners are hand-picked trusted parties, and in the future it will be open to the general community. Contact us if you want to join our list of trusted parties.

What do I need to do as a cluster operator?

As a cluster operator you provision compute infrastructure, you start the cluster, add nodes based on demand, and start earning!

How do I earn by operating a cluster?

Cluster operators set the price of their resources based on the quality of the servers and its performance. When applications are deployed by developers, fees for the resources are collected and distributed to the cluster operators.

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