StackOS Node NFTs

A rewarding ownership experience

Earn rewards from future mints, trading fees and an APY of 580%

No technical knowledge required

Node NFTs are used to create a slot on the StackOS network on which nodes are run by the cluster operator

What's in it for you?

Every NFT generates

of Node NFTs trading fees distributed in ETH & MATIC



of every future Node NFT minting fees 



High APY Program


High APY Program

How to participate in the


maintenance fee every month in stablecoins or $STACK per Node NFT held


And Earn


of NFT trading fees distributed in ETH & MATIC


80% monthly $STACK bonus on your $100 monthly payment, subject to drip over one-year
$100 worth of $STACK instantly claimable*



of every future Node NFT minting fees 


Backed by NFT, Operated by the network

Meet the StackOS Node and its Support Program

This is how it works


Mint a Node NFT

(Your ticket in)

Mint a Node NFT with $200 in $STACK. You also get a 20% discount when you use rewards to mint 


Create a Slot

(Use your rights)

Create a slot on the network using an app on the StackOS' AppStore


Start Earning

(Reap the benefits)

Earn ETH and MATIC, and participate in a high APY program

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Minting By Generation

Earn passive income from the fastest growing unstoppable DeCloud

The Genesis NFT


The first 100 Node NFTs will be distributed through 60% lottery, 20% auction and 20% strategic allocation and will provide special rights for their holders.


(Gen 0 Limited Edition)

Upto $5000 monthly maintenance fee for the 80% monthly bonus

Next Minting Generations


Each future generation has a preset amount of 1000 Node NFTs. Progressing from one Gen to another is done once all NFTs in the current Gen have been minted. There are an unlimited amount of Node NFT Generations but the earlier you join the more rewards you can earn.

Per Generation

(Gen 1, 2, 3...)

$100 monthly maintenance fee for the 80% monthly bonus

A reward system that’s built to scale

The earlier you join, the more you can earn as the node program activity grows

Growth of the rewards pool with the number of nodes being created and traded

Intrinsic value of the Node
NFT as rewards come in



Growing Liquidity

 Up to 10% of trading fees will be used to add liquidity* to the DEX (to improve token trading stability)


Early Q1 2022
Week 51
Tier 1 
Gen 0
Lottery & Auction
Gen 1
Minting Opens

Nodes. Clusters. Dark Matter.


Nodes in the StackOS network are aggregated in clusters for increased efficiency and redundancy

Starting a cluster requires you to own Dark Matter


Dark Matters can be maintained by harvesting 50 Node NFTs or by an airdrop (which will be made available only to Genesis Node NFT holders)

StackOS Node NFTs.... A Rewarding And Futuristic Experience to Expand The #DeCloud Network!