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ETH: 0x56a86d648c435dc707c8405b78e2ae8eb4e60ba4

Polygon: 0x980111ae1b84e50222c8843e3a7a038f36fecd2b

Token Holders

One Token. A world of opportunities.

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Trade, utilize or govern - there are so many ways
to put your STACK tokens to good use:

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The STACK token is traded 24/7 on Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Dfyn and BitMart, allowing you to stock up or liquidate at any given time.

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Provide liquidity
(Yield Farming)

Add a pair of tokens to the liquidity pool and become a liquidity provider (LP). Enjoy LP rewards and earn fees each time another user is making a swap.

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Become a
Node Authority 

Help scale up and govern the StackOS infrastructure by staking a minimum amount of tokens. Earn extra voting powers (on top of general DAO), rewards and commissions. 

Coming soon!

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Use your tokens to lock up and pay for compute power, setup your clusters, delegate nodes, buy apps on the marketplace and much more.

Make a difference

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Coming soon - token holders will have a chance to participate in future major decisions and roadmap planning through the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) program.

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Your questions answered

Are there programs I can participate in now?

Yes! You can stake your STACK tokens to receive healthy APY, you can deploy applications on StackOS, and also participate in governance and liquidity mining on Dfyn (Polygon).

Where can I see the chart for the STACK token?

You can check out the chart and markets of the STACK token on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, and Dextools.